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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Schmoozing and Scheming With Jon

Yesterday,I spent the afternoon with my son Steve and his beautiful family. This morning I spent talking to my son Jon in California. For part of the conversation I was drawing, but you really can't do your best holding the phone between your shoulder and ear, my only option being that I'm deaf in my left ear, don't own a blue tooth and am right handed. It was too hard a balancing act. I gave the effort up. I was using a fun photo I clipped from the sport section yesterday of a football pile-up. Nothing important. It'll wait till later--or I might forget about it all together.I was much more interested in hearing my son's philosophies on child rearing. For a guy who used to keep me on my toes, he's turned into quite the wise parent. I felt particularly proud hearing his extensive views on teaching those two most gorgeous California kids monetary responsibilities; it was apparent that my own parenting on that matter that I thought had failed,hadn't.

We're planning a trip to see them either this June or August--when the kids are out of school.June is better, it's not as hot. It's been a while. Last time we saw them we went to Yosemite, but Bridal Veil Falls wasn't.It was bone dry. In June,I imagine tons of water should be running off that granite cliff. ( see more photos on
Bridal Veil Falls. We really missed a spectacular sight and should set that right).

We also talked about taking a Disney Cruise the year after,but decided to turn that dream over to Honey when Jon had to go take care of his wife who had her ankle operated on Friday and was hobbling around when she was told not to. It was just as well. I had to get back to the reality of winter in Michigan-- beautiful,but cold. The turtleneck sweaters I had cleaned out of my closet earlier and washed for my Goodwill Industries contribution were ready to go into the dryer.


  1. Sounds like you did a good job raising him. Kudos to you.

  2. Thanks Michelle. It was a surprising conversation that I had with my son about parenting and everything else. We were on the phone for an hour or more and that was very special to me--considering I have no daughters and a son is a son till he takes a wife...