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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Football Sunday Afternoon

This sketch was done using a tightly cropped reference photo I clipped from the Saturday Detroit News/Free Press, (Honey clipped it for me so closely that the photographer's name was lost, I am sorry). I liked the numbers and the colored forms and the interaction--lots of motion. It was a nice,not very serious drawing exercise.

It's a picture of Michigan State Spartans playing I-don't-know-who and I don't even know if they won the game,(they might have). I'm not a fan of football. I do not watch it unless it's on the TV over the bar at a place Honey and I happen to be having lunch. I just like it when Michigan's two college teams win and when the Lions win, which, amazingly enough, they did yesterday, twenty three to twenty over Tampa Bay.

Yesterday's win was the Lions second win in a row. Unbelievable if you ask me. The Lions have been such losers for years. Over the last three years,they've lost something like 26 road games before this win. They've never played in the super bowl or even won a championship--except maybe in the fifties? Their despicable record is not the team's or the coach's, (current or past), fault. It's the owner's. And loyal, hopeful fans can't do anything about that,they can just shake their heads in dismay and disappointment week after week and wonder if the owners ( the Ford family) gets a tax break on their sorry investment or the sale of hot dogs makes up for their poor management.


  1. Great movement!!

    Very nice piece!

  2. Thanks Eva. I appreciate your comment. These kinds of subjects are such a fun way to lighten up and let loose.

  3. Wow, I see action - lots of action. Nice piece.

  4. U have definitely captured the players. I love the rounded shapes, they flow into one big movement..