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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Comparison Shopping

Tuesday, November 30th Mice

Wednesday, December 1st Mice

Thursday, December 2nd Mice

Is anything good happening here?

What better way to see how it's doing than to look back and see how it was? --Another benefit of photography as art tool and blog journaling.

I loosened up yesterday. Simply coloring in those forms was driving me bats--another disgusting rodent. It took me the longest time rolling around on my chair, mixing up a new batch of dark chocolate colored paint, spinning for twenty minutes then lifting free weights before I decided the hell with this apprehension. I mixed up some colors and began dabbing away. In the next few days I'll probably mess up the creatures some more then bring them back. That is how I've painted my whole life--the only thing I have to be careful about is screwing up the surface. The cupcakes on either side are not done impasto. The mice can't be impasto either.

I reviewed blending techniques with acrylics after lunch yesterday. I do not like thinning the paint with water, it weakens the layer. I do like wet paint on wet paint and letting the blend happen on the canvas--but I've got to keep the thickness of the paint in check. An Impasto surface was fine for the subjects I've painted before, not this one. Assortment of small brushes...coming up.

I'm off to get my shingles vaccination. It's not going to cost any where near what we thought it was. Turns out our Medicare drug insurance covers it. Looks like Honey and I can gift ourselves something else for Hanukkah--or keep it tucked in the bank. There's no gift better than Hanukkah gelt. You never can tell when it's going to rain.


  1. Pardon my ignorance but I had to google gelt.. Of all the Jewish friends and relatives not a one ever had shared or given us my MIL would give my kids chocolate coins which I know weren't the true Hanukkah ones...
    As far as the mice- they are gonna look stunning next to those cupcakes.

  2. Thanks--it never occurred to me to translate "gelt." Gelt means money. The chocolate coins we use like chips when we play Dreidle, a gambling game. "Hey means take half the pot. "Gimmel" means take the pot. "Nun" mean take nothing. "Shin" means put a coin in. "Hey" means take half the pot. Gambling isn't the greatest thing to teach youngsters, but we do have a wonderful time playing with those chocolate coins. And every year, we all give my grandson all of our coins. He loves chocolate--the gold wrapped ones are milk chocolate; the silver wrapped ones are bittersweet. I only give my grandson the gold wrap ones. I love bittersweet chocolate. We're having our Hanukkah party December 18th. We like the holiday closer to the holidays.

    Thanks for the encouragement with those mice. It's a weird painting I know, but it makes me happy and it makes me laugh no matter what difficulty I'm having over how to handle the paint. It'll work out.