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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Three Blind Mice With Eyes Wide Open

December 1st, AM

I'm sitting here drinking coffee after lunch. I'm drinking it slowly--delaying going to the studio. No painting went on this morning; I got too busy working my day job. Also made an appointment for Honey and me to get shingle shots. We're told the shots aren't covered by insurance and are quite costly, but we're going to go for them anyway. We don't need any more health crises than we've already had. They'll be our gift to one another for Hanukkah. I have gotten more exciting gifts, but both of us having had horrible cases of the chicken pox as kids,and could use the protection at our age from a disease I've seen to be horribly debilitating. My beautiful MIL had shingles and from there her life went down hill. She recovered eventually, but was never the same person--beautiful, charming, loving and very feisty.(Shingle shots are available to people sixty and over. Being sixty plus, we're doing it).

My coffee is cold. I'm off to take care of those mice....

December 1st, PM

Patience is a virtue I'm definitely lacking. Lucky thing, I have a secretarial chair I use when painting up close and personal that rolls around when it becomes too much. I did a lot of rolling around. I haven't started in with the glazes yet. --First flat, then that. Had I been able to tolerate the obnoxious fumes from oil paints and their solvents, this painting would be a hell of a lot easier.

But: sitting eight feet away on my chair, I'm not minding the flat cartoon effect. Something different is going on here. Tight control has replaced loose abandon.

The blue faces are the effect of the fluorescent lighting in the display case. I like the color play.


  1. OMG... Linda, these are better than the first ones u did!. A hell of a lot more depth and I like the dark richness....

  2. Dear Linda,

    Have another cuppa. Thank you for sharing a beautiful work that makes me happy. I loved the three blind mice in Mothe Goose. But always wondered if it was too cruel.

    Sorry to hear your MIL's terrible case for shingle. Preventative methods are the best. Please have it ASAP, if necessary. And celebrate Hanukkah!
    (In addition, apart from medical treatments, a physical age is not a matter. Linda, you're forever young, because you're creative!)

    You're soooo good at writing, whcih always impresses me very much--tightened up sentences with a lovely sense of humor that depict scenes very well. From your writing, I can easily imagine how you are making the painting.

    Keep up and I look forward to the mice:).

    Kind regards, Sadami

  3. These mice are adorable, I like they way this was done.