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Friday, December 3, 2010

Painting, Piano, Pistachio Nuts


Painting. Piano and Pistachio nuts. That was my day yesterday.

I didn'tpaint. Gave those damn mice a rest. Instead I played my piano.

I sat down on the cold bench I hadn't sat on in months and my performance sucked. I could only remember parts of pieces and my ring fingers had turned back to jello. It was very obvious that I've been concentrating too much on other things and neglecting my beloved, Beethoven. I vowed to work him back in.

The piano is like my bike. It's exercise equipment. Strong fingers and strong knees are the key to untwisting twist-ems and climbing stairs.

After practicing an hour, I effortlessly untwisted the twist-em on the bag of pistachios and polished them off. I guess a side effect of the shingle shot is a serious craving for salted nuts? Of all of the nuts out there, pistachios are the best. My watercolor effort is proof. It's one of the better paintings I did this year--if not in technique, in meaning. I love these things. They come with benefits. High in fiber, they're a laxative. According to Dr. Oz, a handful a day keeps you on track. He wasn't just kidding. Ladies, you want that little black dress to fit for the holidays: pistachio nuts. A handful will do ya unbloated and svelt.


  1. Well if spinning will keep u away from the 'knife', u go girl!. Just don't over do it...

  2. Dear Linda,
    Bravo~! I love your post that makes me smile and laugh merrily.
    Life is too short. Let us enjoy life fully.
    *I read your comment on "guilty" else where. I totally agree with you and that's my way of life, too.
    Anyway, I really look forward to listening to your another Beethoven (the last one was so cool!). Sure, Roll Over Beethoven?!
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Chrissy, Sadami, I accidently hit the publish button instead of the save. I have no idea what I was meandering on about. I was just free writing. When I read what I wrote to Honey, he thought it sucked so, I was going to hit save to think it over, but hit publish instead. Realizing my error, I hit edit immediately and deleted. OOPS. I think I thought I was getting too philosophical?

  4. hey, i like it when u ramble- u sound so relaxed..

  5. Mmm, pistachios are good huh?! Well, great news coz I love nuts. No salt for me though.

  6. Dear Linda,
    Please never regret and live your say. I'd like to devote you this song, "Non,Je Ne Regrette Rein" (Edith Piaf, as you know.)
    Apart from heavy stuff, I love your today's post, too. Hahahaha! Nice word playing, good teasing and mischief. Youre intelligence and sense of humor shines through, which makes our world happy;).
    Cheers, wink wink, Sadami

  7. Nice paintings. I'll have to get some pistachios; I bought walnuts and pecans earlier.