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Thursday, November 11, 2010

South of The Border Sweets

Mexican confections, straight from my friend wintering in Ziwataneo, Mexico. Her photographs arrived Wednesday. I did one of the sketches Wednesday night, but I didn't want to post it till I'd done the other. So I blogged a "repeat" yesterday. Sorry about that.

I have no idea what these cakes and cookies are, but they certainly have a personality all their own that's totally different than US pastries. My quick sketches say there's a couple of paintings here--I like to do four So, Mrs. L. kill your flash and ir a la panadería y conseguir dos más para ir, por favor. Gracias. (Now, Mrs. L. has me wondering if the pastries in Australia, Finland, Germany have their own look)?

It was a good day in the studio. A really good day. A sketch and a couple of hours painting. Took a rest from Mice and added color to Spring Woods. The woods are so much more relaxing to paint than pastries no matter what the season. I do like the pattern that's developing with the colors and the brush strokes. This painting is one of four on my drafting board, (if only painting was that easy).

I started reading Huge MacLeod's book Ignore Everybody over again from the beginning. There are 40 chapters--very short and sweet. Each chapter covers a philosophy of his towards art that can also be applied at the office, (Huge is a business guy as well as an accomplished cartoonist). I'm going to save my discussion of the book for next week. In the meantime, do visit his blog Gapingvoid and check the guy and his Miro-like cartoons out. Also visit Katherine Cartwright's blog if art discussions are you. I adore offering my opinions and having others shoot them down and visa versa. Have a great weekend.


  1. Okay, I've installed and uninstalled DISQUS because I found what I wanted to do.I knew it was a simple click away. Disqus was good, but too complicated and too much scrolling went on. What a morning I've had.

  2. Your post has me scrolling up and down looking at your pieces over and over again. I love the warmth of the the pastries. And I enjoy looking at the woods - looking at the negative spaces, the light and dark. Very interesting piece.