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Friday, November 12, 2010

Black Patten Tux Shoes

This is blog 300. I can't believe I've stayed with it this long. But blogging has been good to me. It was instrumental in getting my art act together. Everyday I'm drawing or painting or photographing material to paint or draw. Then blogging about whatever I did or whatever came to mind when I was doing it. The blog brought art back into my everyday life. That was the plan. For the next entries, more painting is the plan.

Today, oddly enough, I didn't wake up thinking painting though. I woke up thinking photography.Before my foot hit the floor, I was planning the photograph of my new shoes for a drawing to add to the shoe series. Then if I decide to return the shoes this afternoon, at least I'll have the photo to work from and to remember them by.

Honey said they look like his tux shoes;and I should take them back. They do. They're black patten leather, just a bit flashy, definitely not old lady, OH SO COMFORTABLE, give great support for my knee, look good with dress pants as well as jeans AND ARE ALL WEATHER--perfect for the rain, sleet and the snow that's going to be dumped on our heads. I'm torn--keep them/take 'em back--I don't know?

And now I'm worn out. I've been shooting the shiny shoes since 6:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. I haven't got one good shot yet. Photographing all black items is as difficult as photographing all white eggs, something I did as a student. Everything depends on the lighting, exposure--and in this case, handling the glare and hotspots bouncing off the subject and hitting the camera lens. I used to have a key light, a white umbrella and a jar of Vasoline around, but that was a few houses ago, who knows what happened to the stuff? Anyway this is the only okay photo I shot (of 23) before I had to stop and recharge the camera, (as I write). They sell you extra memory cards, but it's the extra battery the aggressive photographer really needs.

Well, I must have a little juice by now, so I'll head back to the tripod.


  1. I love your drawings of all of your shoes... tho the boots are my favorite...

  2. Thank you, mine too I think--only because they're rugged looking and not pretty colors. But what do you think of the tux shoes? Are they a keep or take back? They do have a Singin' in The Rain" look to them I like--a bit of twinkle toes. But suede is more me. Don't you just love these trite decisions we bother ourselves with? The black drawing will be fun though.

  3. Definitely 'singin' in the rain'... it will be a challenge for ya.. can't wait to see what u accomplish!. that photo is a stunner 4 sure.

  4. THe shoes are so shiny, I can see someone (you?) reflected :). Wow, you've got a good collection of shoe pieces.

  5. Too shiny perhaps? This is what troubles me. It seems I have a shoe fetish I never knew about till I started drawing again. LOL. But the challenging part of drawing off this photo, is it's comprised of all black items. That intrigues me.