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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A New Twist

I have to put a new twist on this blog. Mice is going to take a while. After putting hours into the studio,I have no urges to draw in the evening and blogging photos of the works in progress would be boring. So there's photography, books, other artists' work--or just gossipy tales of life in West Bloomfield where yawning in someone's face is perfectly acceptable. I lean towards photography and books. First one being: Huge MacLeod's Ignore Everybody. There's some really good viewpoints in there worthy of discussion.

While I labor in the studio debating the placement of sprinkles, here's a pic of a swimming pool where we've taken Mr. Wilson to play water volley ball. It's from my collection of swimming pool photographs. It's the newest addition, (some of you may have seen an earlier copy of it). It's the pool next door to the Westin in Puerto Vallarta. When I get three pool photos of merit, I mount and frame them and hang them in the shower room of our bath to remind us why we go to work. Unfortunately, they've made us a bit sad the last few months. Honey and I are not going to work all that much and have no plans to add any new pools to my collection this winter. BUT we are glad Ford is making a come back and a profit. Most of our clients were in the car industry and employed by the automaker.


  1. But looking at them is so dreamy. I would never want a pool in my backyard - I would hate the upkeep. Your photography above is lovely - is the photo touched up at all or is this exactly what your took? Either way, stunning. I say, take more photos of pools, sip a glass of wine in the bath tub and turn on some music. Much easier. :)

  2. I might cry into my wine as I whine in the tub why I'm not going to the warm this year while Honey shaves.
    I cropped the photo and cut the exposure--my camera tends to over-expose.
    That was the pool at the time shares next to the Westin. I didn't photograph the Westin's pool; it wasn't worthy of being in my collection. In fact, I was glad hotel guests were invited to use this one if they wished. I wished.