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Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreams and Things

I had the weirdest dream. I was walking on a college campus--I think it was the "Diag" in front of the library at the University of Michigan--and was suddenly zapped into a seminar discussion about careers. I told them what I did. One of the gals said, "Well all anybody has to do is plan the whole project on WII. It's easy." (She said WII in my dream, but I think WII's are about video games aren't they)? She didn't think you needed any professionals to plan a building project. I got mad and spoke out. "You plan your whole project thinking you can do the job as well as a designer and contractor, you've got a fool for a client. That kind of thinking is what's happening in the construction industry." Then I looked at the kid sitting next to me as if he had such stupid ideas too. He waved his hands in front of his face and said, "Don't look at me lady, I'm on your side, I'm a roofer." And I woke up.

--And saw the lake from the window across from the bed. It was beautiful. The reflection of the trees on the lake, the rising sun casting an orange glow on the tree tops, wisps of white clouds on a pale ultramarine sky. Beautiful. Energizing. A new day. I ran and got my camera, a Minolta Dimage X1. I wanted to catch the orange of the trees against the blue sky with those dry brush strokes of clouds. The camera let me down--do you see orange? Do you really see the wisps of clouds on the blue sky? No.

Shooting through glass, I turned off the flash. Then took four telephoto shots, one set in Portrait, Landscape, Sunset and Night view. It's the only way I know how to bracket with this digital camera. My feature photo is the one shot in Night view. It was the only one that got the subtleties in the sky but at the cost of the orange glow on the tree lining the lake. The best photo should have been the Landscape exposure. But as you can see, it's weak. I think it's time to step up my camera. I'm not that thrilled with the Macro setting--or the camera's tendency to over expose either. The Night view feature photo is cropped, but as taken. The Landscape photo wasn't adjust, but should be--Color and Exposure--maybe Vividness or Sharpness? A more sophisticated camera would be a nice birthday gift,(January 13th). I'll add it to my wish list to be distributed shortly. --Even used would be acceptable. Or I can pick up my 35mm SLR and return to film. I should do that anyway. That camera was terrific--but I'd have to give up color photography and go back to the art of black and white, which isn't acceptable for photographing paintings. Still would need a new color camera...And what does all this photography chatter have to do with career change and my anger over that? I haven't got a clue.

Well Honey just brought down my day's activity: laundry. Then there's painting Chocolate Mice, (I really have been avoiding that painting to the point of guilt. I do a little bit, then run away. There must be something about the subject that keeps turning me off--maybe it's the diet I've been on)? I've slurped the last drop of coffee from my cup. No more putting my plans for this Monday off. May you see some advancement on Chocolate Mice in this space tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like the creative juices are trying to get out!. U can use your pt. and shoot for your painting projects.. why not? have two cameras!. If u go back to film u gotta find a reputable place that can develop film... I don't trust the cheapy places like Target/Walmart.. A good camera shop run by someone who definitely knows cameras...

  2. I know. I used to develop my own black and white film. Had a darkroom. I could still have one. I've got all the equipment including the Besler enlarger, an antique I suppose.
    Love it. I never went into color.
    I'll just stick with this digital for the time being and make the necessary adjustments. But those photos were disappointing.

  3. Dreams are full of messages, sounds like part of you thinks your project is easy to do and part of you thinks it's hard.

    I think you're proving that photography isn't quite as good as painting, too. I've got a Dimage Z1 from quite a few years ago. Wonder what the difference is. I tend to paint mostly from black and white, it's not hard to colourise as you work.

  4. You've got a nice view from your window - something really nice to wake up to... Good luck with Chocolate Mice.