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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beach on The Brain

I have beach on the brain. And if you go to the beach, you've got to have a hat. Most guys and some gals wear baseball caps. I have my share of those--actually a collection. I buy them by the color. I've got every color from white to black. Honey wears the grayed-down brown one from the Cancun Hilton when we head anywhere there's sun, sand and water. I have my jungle hat. It's my favorite. But it doesn't go on many trips. I've only room for one solid structured item in my bag and that's Mr. Wilson. The hat pictured here in this start up sketch is crushable. It has a certain flair particularly worn tilted to the side over the eye. Stripped, it's a challenge to draw. If Honey gets hit with cabin fever and thinks beach in the next months, the stripes will stay home and the white RC baseball cap will go stuffed into a side pocket. The only style you need at the beach is a hot pair of sunglasses.


  1. I love hats, my problem is: I've got a huge head, and my head heats up and I hat hat hair...My middle one can wear any kind of hat.. she looks great in one....I rarely see anyone wear a hat unless they're bald...People in Cali, should, there'd be less skin cancer

  2. I adore hats. I used to have so much fun in the milenary department trying on the most elaborate styles. I bought very few--but I'm a push over for outlandish sun hats and do wear them.

    Honey definitely needs a hat, but won't wear one unless he's at the beach. Nearly bare on top, he just had a "sun spot"--hell,it was the size of quarter-- partially removed. It will need another treatment, but it's clear of cancer. Lucky as he was, he still won't wear a hat summer--or winter.

  3. I love painting hats, they are just so interesting. I love your hat in the header also.

  4. Thanks Teri. I just woke up this morning thinking about that beach hat. I love stripes. They are interesting to draw--start, stop, fade out, let the eye do the rest. Happy holidays.

  5. I'm not ruling out Cancun for you.

    Nice drawing; I like hats and hat stands. As an aging redhead the sun is not my friend--freckles aren't the enemy; sunspots and skin cancer are. I have a 15-year-old favorite that's similar to yours--it's from Hats of Hoboken.