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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday and Christmas Lights

I do hope it was a Black Friday for retailers, and if it was, I'm sorry I didn't do anything to contribute to yesterday's take other than go to dinner. It was the first time I wore my parka--even zipped on the hood--and the first time we warmed up the car for five before getting into it. Thanksgiving did bring winter with a wind chill factor--and lovely Christmas lights, (except for the house on Franklin Road with the two deciduous trees totally covered in magenta colored lights. Now those have got to cast a horrific glow on any carolers who sing by--to each their own).

Honey and I vegged out all day. No painting, drawing or photography went on. I'm on holiday. The only achievement I can list for the day in that column is I spun for the second time in a row this week a full twenty minutes. And for the second time this week, my knee did well--no burning--no need to ice. I was thrilled to be back in the gym. Putting my bike on a stationery trainer was one of my better ideas.

Honey and I did spend more time on the computer looking up hotel rates and airfares the week of my son's birthday--but the best we could do was the week before and come home the day after they arrive, which is a day before the big day. I think I'm just another sentimental mom making another big deal. I think I'll give it up. Okay, done.

We are working that week. This is very unusual in the design/build business. Ordinarily no one wants crews in their homes Thanksgiving through New Years. But contrary to twenty five years in business, this couple does. They are the first. It's my guess they're gifting each other these couple of bathrooms, dressing room and walk in closet. Nice gift I think. Beats ties, sweaters, bathrobes and gives joy for decades.

Well I finished my coffee. I'm off for another spin.This time I'm wearing my padded shorts. My goal is three times a week and this one is ticking away.

Enjoy the Christmas lights to music by some kid with talent in Kansas who calls himself oRedneck45 I think? I've seen better light displays, but the video sinc is admirable--it's continuous and well choreographed. (Is that the right word)?


  1. Hey, I for one am NOT sorry in helping out the merchants!`.. Have u noticed quality has gone down over the years? BTW is your bikeseat padded?
    And I think u r right, that couple must be gifting those improvements or they have another place they can hangout at?
    Nothing wrong w/being sentimental, trick is not to let it consume u...:-)

  2. I'm for helping out the merchants too just not on the day when thousands of others are doing it. I like to shop on Mondays or Tuesdays--never the weekend. Yes, the quality of merchandise has deteriorated over the years. Outsourcing production for competitive pricing--good for world economy, but the goods don't feel as good or last like they did.

    I think home renovation is a great gift--better than a lot of little stuff that you forget about in a month or three. It's a big house--they're moving down the hall.

    I do get very Norman Rockwell on occasion, but don't we all.

    Yes,my bike has a padded seat. I lost a pound point four this last week. I guess my bottom got bonier.