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Monday, November 29, 2010


I definitely know why I've been avoiding this painting. It's extremely tedious. But Honey came home and asked me, "What have you been up to all day?"
I said, "I've been making cupcakes."
His eyes lighted up. "I love cupcakes."
"Not these," said I, and showed him the painting.
"If only we had these in the house." A comment that let me know he connected with the painting and it made him feel good.

Standing back, I liked what was going on too. Paint the other two panels and complete the triptych, the painting is going to be delightful. But let's not jump the gun.

I'm still side stepping the mice. As tedious as painting the cupcakes is, the mice will be more so--it's their hard chocolate coating that's scaring me. But I'll stretch for the ball and run with it. I'm tired of avoiding the issue.

This photographing the painting as I go is a terrific tool. The translation shows where improvements have to be made. I'm seeing here two lines that need softening-- perhaps a glaze is necessary? And more sprinkles of course...


  1. Definitely a glaze.. no more sprinkles... less is more, remember? lol... Love the swirled look of the icing.. looks light and airy.

  2. Dear Linda,
    Hahahahaha!!! A bit sorry for your honey. But the work is so lovely and looks delicous.
    Cheers, Sadami