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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Beauty Shop Owner

It was beauty shop day--color, cut, manicure. I wasn't going to get one; I really didn't want to spend the bucks. I'll just be throwing them away painting in the studio. But we had a big 50th anniversary celebration to go to at 'The Club' and a bit of glamor and glitz was in order.

This drawing of the shop owner doing his books was done in between drying my freshly dyed light brown hair and putting in the blond highlights. He looks a little stunted, but he was short and so was my time. The sketch took two minutes. I took a photograph in case I wanted to get more serious. I don't think so.

The difference between a beauty shop and a beauty salon is where the owner does his bookkeeping--out at his station or in his private office. My shop, a berb away from my berb, is very casual, very laid back and very inexpensive--half the cost of the trendier salons in my neighborhood. The aging beauticians who have been doing hair all their lives, know what brown and blond look like and know to kill the red.

Speaking of reading: The most beautiful art book was delivered to my door: Wayne Thiebaud, A Painting Retrospective by Steven A, Nash with Adam Gopnik. This artist paints confections and a whole lot more. Thiebaud was my inspiration when I started photographing pastries this summer. Now that I'm working on Chocolate Mice, I wanted to see more of his work. Just leafing through the book during lunch:It's knock out.

I might have blown some bucks on a manicure, but I don't think I did when I bought the upgrade software for QuickTime--at least I hope not? Fooling around making that video that wouldn't upload was great fun and got me into wanting to do a little movie making,(I always secretly wanted to be in special effects). Honey said if he caught me anywhere near him with my camera, he was going to smash it. I thought,'At least he was going to smash the camera and not me.' No matter Honey's objections, I'm going to go where my creative juices flow. You go too.

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