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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Imagine Low Sodium Beef Broth

Of course you can tell from this sketch, I'm into my new book Wayne Thiebaud, A Paintings Retrospective,by Nash and Gopnik. I've just started reading about this man and I'm smitten by his work--particularly his paintings of foodstuff orderly arranged and placed on display. I love the regimentation of those subjects--and the riot of pure colors--and the integration of object and ground, interaction of positive and negative space. This painting appeals to the designer in me. It also appeals to my sense of humor. Today's drawing reminds me of a few others that made me smile on my way to pastries.

Thiebaud's paintings of everyday common objects preceded "Pop art," The movement in the sixties that glorified popular objects of advertising and cartoons and delighted everybody--shocked too I suppose. Two Pop artists that pop to mind that you might known are Roy Lichtenstein (cartoon paintings complete with balloons and text)and
Andy Warhol,(silk screens of Campbell soup cans, movie stars). Thiebaud's work in the fifties had a different quality than theirs--richer. I think it's the visibility of his brush strokes, his use of oils. He was still making paintings, not billboards.

Sorry to have gotten carried away with art history, but on this cold, dark,dank fall weekend I've been stuck in. I was hoping to get a walk down to the lake for some fall photos, but from where I sit doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Speaking of what happened. I got Sam's boat back. I did a stupid thing. I addressed it to a non existent street. I thought it may have been a Freudian mistake since so many of my friends said I shouldn't have given the drawing away. Should or should not have, Honey is going to take it back to the post office tomorrow. A promise is a promise. Honey wonders what I would do without him taking care of my blunders. I wonder too. But then that's why I got married.

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