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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lucky You, Lucky Me

My piano is not an antique like the pan. I bought it for my sixtieth birthday on a whim on my way home from work. The purchase made up for the sale of my original mahogany Baldwin Acrosonic with ivory keys when it's Federal styling didn't fit in with my contemporary decor, (what a jerk I was). I also bought all my music--the books my piano teacher had given me as a kid. Though I had forgotten everything I'd learned and couldn't play a note in the showroom, I figured playing the piano is like riding a bike. With practice, I'd get it all back.

I did, but now, the upright stands neglected in a prominent spot in the entrance hall. Though I pass it everyday more than once, I've not practiced seriously since I started this drawing blog.

I've been distracted. Fast drawings, like this twenty minutes sketch, and short copy will give me back the hours I need to prepare for the holiday season. The Christmas Carols I love to play and sing along, (in my very deep, very wrong second alto voice very early in the AM throughout the season to annoy the neighbors), need work--as does my Beethoven. Painting doesn't make me laugh, but the gall of me playing Beethoven cracks me up. I made a video of my fun, but Chrome kept putting up error signs when I tried to upload--Chrome or God protecting me from my folly. Lucky you. Lucky me. Lucky Beethoven. There will be no spinning in his grave today.

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