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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Too Many Pistachio Nuts

I woke up this morning slightly out of whack with a small vertigo attack and teary eyes. I had too many pistachios yesterday and the salt did me in. But I love them and they're good for you too. They beat out prunes, Activia, Miralax and such for keeping you happily regular in the loo--just ask Dr.Oz. He prescribes a handful a day for an efficient digestive system. I think I had a bit more. So here, I am two pounds lighter, lightheaded and listing to the left when I cross the room. I cancelled my lunch date--not a good day to drive heavy machinery. It is a good day to paint--though my perspective maybe a bit off kilter?

Honey and I shopped the local stores, mainstream markets and gourmet, for the unsalted nuts in the shell, but had no luck. Pushed by lightheadedness, this dizzy broad just went on line and there they were by the pound or by the case. I didn't order a case; not till I learn what moderation means. I didn't want to overdo the nuts when I also have on my purchase list a Dell Inspiron 15R (maybe 17), Clinique and a decent set of watercolors--one that includes Alzarine Crimson, a color I was really missing yesterday. I'll probably have to put that together myself?

Settled at my watercolor station, I came to the conclusion that for each painting, you squeeze out a fresh palette. Dried globs of paint just make for weak puddles and weak colors. You've to kiss a lot of frogs, break a lot of eggs and waste a lot of paint.

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