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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Box of 64 Colors and A Tylenol

I had a tough time this AM getting to Honey's e-mail and then showing him how to get to it himself--And then showing him how to print a readable copy. Yes, we're still sharing my laptop. Yes, we're still talking--but less, and I don't know for how long. He's still pondering fixing or not fixing and buying new. He thinks I'm on my machine too long--but doesn't really want to interrupt me--I should just tell him when I'm finished. The clock is ticking Honey.

While he was hunched over the keyboard, I slipped away to the studio, but that went poorly. I tried an impressionistic portrait with watercolor, but I need more colors. I finally just washed out what I had and came back upstairs thinking about Tylenol, tea, lying on the couch, listening to TV and coloring with my crayons; I have a head cold and zero patience for anything more complicated.

What you see is my grandniece Ruby sketched in with the "tan" crayon. How it goes from here we'll see. A decent sharpener is definitely required equipment.
If you've had the pleasure of seeing the magnificent work of the guy who was a crayon artist for Crayola on line,you know his paintings took longer than an hour or two. And,from my small attempt here, I can tell you, he had more than just one box of 64 colors and the piddly sharpener that comes with it. This afternoon, I'm going to try my colored pencil sharpener. I can wash it in hot water, if the wax bogs it down.

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