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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Right Out of The Box

Drawing on the couch, drinking tea was rejuvenating. My cold's not completely gone, but it's a lot improved. The little girl I drew isn't a good likeness of my grandniece, but she looks like a fun kid, a tomboy in a hot pink blouse. The last time I colored with crayons, I was about the kid's age--about sixty years ago. I don't seem to have lost the knack, but there are things to be learned.

My Prismacolor sharpener worked very well--nice pointy points were a must. The student grade sketch paper was a poor choice. It didn't have enough tooth. Strathmore Drawing might have been better and, of course, there's newsprint, the stuff of coloring books. If I was really serious about crayons as an art medium, finding good ground that would grab and hold the colored wax would be a priority. Also the colors do not go down as they appear in the box--often too pale. So my intuitive selections were hit or miss.

But arty stuff aside, sitting on the sofa, sipping Arnie Palmers and coloring was reminiscent of childhood--soothed the soul, lifted the stress,gave me a feeling of wellbeing-- not a total cure for the common cold, but a really good shove.

For those who don't know what an Arnie Palmer is: It's a mix of half lemonade and half tea. I use Minute Maid Diet Lemonade--just five calories in eight ounces. Yesterday was the first time I tried it hot. It was so much better than just drinking tea with lemon.

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