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Saturday, September 11, 2010

All That's Left... this still life of the gigantic, overgrown Enchinacea along my front walk. I got some of my verve back yesterday afternoon and cut it to the ground along with a few other things. Next spring the overgrown front entrance garden will get an overhaul--and this weed tree will be the first to go deep into the woods to grow,sew seeds and please the yellow jackets as nature intended.

As for this painting. It's a mixed bag of watercolor, marker and acrylics. I had started a free association thing the other day on the inexpensive, now rejected, 90 lb. wt. watercolor paper. Lying on the bar a color test pad, it struck me as an appropriate underpainting for my last bouquet of this member of the cone flower family, (thank you Kalie's Friend for cluing me in to what this giant in my garden was). I can't resist sparking the transparent watercolor washes with the solid colors of markers and acrylics. The writing is very clearly on the wall which medium I prefer--and that these others are just playtime for me.

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