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Monday, September 6, 2010

Trouble With a Capital T

OMG! Honey's HP died yesterday. The household was in an uproar. He couldn't read the paper. He couldn't print out the suduko puzzel. He couldn't surf vacation spots. He was lost.

He ran over to Best Buy's geek squad who told him his motherboard was dead,a common problem with that model--blah,blah, blah to repair it and transfer his stuff--blah, blah,blah. Honey came home, called HP direct who agreed to a new motherboard installed at a discount, (not a new computer, since this one had lemon history),--but he'd be out of the game for seven to ten days. Honey figured a couple of weeks; nobody tells you the truth on how long. He broke out in a sweat. For an old guy out of the loop, he's in enough to be hooked. I showed him how to get about in mine--and he was snotty. Told me I didn't keep my favorites very organized--or my desktop. Pretty crappy attitude from a beggar.

This morning I got dressed as soon as my foot hit the floor. I figured I was going computer shopping. A new model in hand was better than two weeks of Honey's sulking.

So that's the plan--unless Honey decides he hasn't got a clue of what to buy, which he doesn't, so he might as well repair the old. He's also worried about setting it up. We've never set up our laptops, our sons did. With them unavailable, I figure there's got to be a wizard. With a wizard and a glass of wine, I could install anything. --But then there's the software issue--Office 2010 for business, it has Outlook --and getting his stuff out of the old machine. Pay the Geeks to do it, I suppose? I don't know how; I never did.

I'm loving my new approach to watercolor. It's minimalistic and impressionistic. Perfect for quick drawing-of-the-day posts. I'm glad I remembered I had the book and reread it, (see yesterday's post for the link). It's wonderful for those of who like watercolor and lean towards contemporary art. I certainly agree with what the
Stefan Draughon has to say about painting flowers. In a nut shell: No one can paint them as beautiful as they are.

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