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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Perfect Kick Off for the Labor Day Weekend: Labor

At the crack of dawn this morning, I was at the tile dealership selecting tile for a master bath. After weeks of being retired, I was back at work. It felt good after I got there, but the getting was a struggle. I really had gotten used to painting and blogging in the early hours of the morning. I grumbled to honey all through breakfast and to myself all the way out to the car.

What you see are the decisions we made for the master bath. We still have plumbing fixtures, granite selection, (though I can see Blanco Romano), decorative light fixtures, and the cabinetry finishes.--And the wallpaper problem.

The client hoped she could keep the existing paper, but it isn't going to happen. It will be damaged when the existing fiberglass shower unit is removed. I told her I thought as much. The problem is that the bath paper is coordinated to the bedroom paper and we'd like to avoid having to expand the project by having to repaper the bedroom. But I worried. So on my way home, I stopped and investigated complimentary papers. I found four.

I am exhausted. After sitting around all these months, getting back into the swing was challenging--but very appropriate for this particular Friday, the beginning of the Labor Day weekend. Of course I should work!

Honey and I are about to head out to lunch. I'm dressed. I've got make up on. I'm ready for a glass of wine. Have a wonderful, safe weekend. I'll be in my studio catching up.

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