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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ducks in A Row

No, the grandkids were not over and I wasn't entertaining them with my artistic prowess drawing baby ducks in a shooting gallery. I was trying to get my ducks in a row for The Most Boring Art Blog. Like Duck one: What's the template look like? Duck two: What's the angle? Duck three: How often should I write?

At first I chose a template I wasn't crazy about, but it was boring, so fitting. I then photographed a boring brick wall to go behind the boring blog title. Honey was my inspiration. Every time I try to talk about art to him, it's like talking to a brick wall, except he snores.

I haven't decided my angle yet, but the title of post two is:
Art is Fun, Artists Aren't-- And, for the most part, we are not. Our sense of humor is missing. We're a bit too serious and it shows. Take a look at the blog tell me what you think. Comments are very welcome and will be acknowledged. (I changed the template. It really was boring).

And I decided to write once a week--or every other week? Maybe as I get an art irk?

Speaking of opening a can of worms...a great thing happened for the Roths last week: my clothing budget opened up. I can go shopping thanks to my breast cancer pill, Arimidex, (no bigger than a saccharine and prescribed till April, 2014), which came out in the generic. The cost of that pill dropped from three hundred and sixty dollars for thirty pills a month to seven dollars, netting us a savings of 353 a month or 4,476 dollars a year!

Now, I could really buy a few pairs of shoes for that. I celebrated instead yesterday and today by buying two pairs of jeans--a yukky grey and yukky brown--sort of a mushroom. I couldn't find a Thalo Green. That's the paint color that jumps out at me no matter how carefully I unscrew the cap.

While I'm boosting the economy, Honey is still giggling a lot at the windfall from behind his newspaper.

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