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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Monster in the Basement

The Monster in the basement isn't pretty to look at. It's ugly. It's difficult to ride for thirty minutes--when my knee was the knee I was born with. Now that it isn't quite what it used to be, eight minutes and I'm out of there. Yet, every morning I think of it standing leering into the mirror, daring me to come and give em a ride. The last two days I resisted, today I gave in--but not before attempting to draw the ugly thing--just twenty minutes of stall before sweating those 480 seconds. Twenty minutes later, the ugly thing was the ugly drawing and my stall time was up. I paid the monster his due and got out the ice thinking that that heap of machine is just so demanding on so many levels. It would take me at least three or four hours to make it as beautiful as a torture machine could be.

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