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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Flip Side Done, I've Crossed The Line

My oldest son took quite a photograph. It's got sharp focus and is rich in detail. It looks particularly cool flipped. And that's what I did to sketch in the most interesting sections of this drawing, the reflections of the boat in the bay mirroring the condos, or hotel, on the ridge. He cropped tight to zero in on the details, which was very kind of him given I don't know anything about boats. Then I extended the shoreline and the reflections to give the object of our attention space to breath. While I haven't signed it yet, I think I've crossed the finish line? This is how I'd mat it for framing.

Steve got me into photography years ago. He, like all kids, wanted a camera. I, a mom who loved all art forms, thought he definitely should have one. We became frequent patrons of the neighborhood camera shops and push-overs for cameras,lenses, filters, whatever we could buy to take whatever photos we wanted. We shot black and white. And then we added a Bessler enlarger and all the other equipment we needed to develope our own film in the makeshift darkroom we put together in the laundry room. I don't know how he remembers those years, but for me, they were very special. I loved being totally involved in an artistic interest with my son and having a photography buddy as enthusiastic and myself.

I still have the safe lights, the paper safe and the Bessler enlarger. I no longer have my buddy. He passed all his equipment on to me when he went off to college, then medical school and became a respected, responsible, beautiful man who can still take a hell-of-a photograph. Love you darling.

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