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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photo Shopping in The Plum Market

Camera in hand, I went shopping the neighborhood gourmet market for subjects that grab my attention. Subjects that provoke thought and emotion and will hold my interest during the painting process. Here's what I bought without spending a dime.

Pastries, of course. Displayed to entice. What's a party without? It isn't a Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Bon Voyage, Congrats Honey, you were great you took the cake. Something for the sweet tooth that's been widening our pupils and making us smile since we were tots. After years of joy, I'll have just a sliver,even though I'm tugging my zipper up with pliers. A subject of beauty,delight, temptation and regret--a mixed bag of emotions.

Liquor bottles lined up and back-lighted. The sparkle of glass. The rich color of amber. The tint of green. Dots and dabs of copy. Beautiful--but also subject of temptation and controversy. A Happy Hour for some. A source of pain for others.

Good subject for both a square or rectangular format or a multiple canvas piece. I like the busyness of it, as well as the repetitious order.

What's it going to be? Carrot Cake? Or Johnny Walker? Neither. Chocolate Mice from Greek Town. Dick Blick has finally shipped my 10 by 30 canvases. They'll be here by the end of the week. Mom and the Teenager is on indefinite hold. I had enough portraiture with the boat.

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