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Friday, September 24, 2010

And I've Got A Boat!

so far, so good. The reflection is next.

On the way home yesterday, after working a design shift with Mrs. M who is going ahead with the master suite/powder room renovation project I designed last Spring, I reflected upon my art.

I march to my own drummer, that's for sure. Painting someone else's joys isn't for me. If someone wants to buy what I've painted, fine. But I don't want to paint other people's joys to make a buck. I paint what moves me.

In the studio, small drawings on paper are for blogging. Large paintings and multiples on canvas sustain my interest. Closet is still the Best of Show after eight months of searching for artistic identity. I got the biggest kick out of painting the five panels. Finished,Closet looks fantastic on the wall--great color--plus strong architectural presence. If those oddly popular, oddly sized 10 x 30 canvases are ever delivered Dick Blick, I could carry on. Chocolate Mice might take second place and set a signature course.

As for this boat, when I finish it, I'm going to send the drawing to its owner, a gift for my insight and thanks for turning my offer down. Sitting on a shelf gathering dust in the studio, it gives no one pleasure. In her hands, it will have meaning.

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