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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coleus Too


Water soluble markers/acrylic painting; 9 1/2" x4 3/4"; 30 minute study

The photograph beats my new soluble markers (with just a touch of acrylic) painting. The painting would be really good using acrylics all the way. While the markers are wonderful for these kind of quick sketches, watercolors are colors watered down. The brilliance of a watercolor is the white of the paper being an integral part of the composition. The brilliance of the colors is enhanced played against white. I don't mean to knock the medium, I'm just evaluating it for where it fits in with me as a new painter, (though I was a dabbler my whole life). To me, it's a sketch medium that insists upon good paper. the cheap watercolor paper I bought doesn't hold a candle to the Arches.

I am a self taught painter and I experimenting. I majored in sculpture and design in art school. Drawing, design, sculpture classes/substrata construction, balance issues and proportional dimensioning dominated my studies. I came away thinking in three dimensions; then worked in three dimensional, spacial design forever and I'm still doing so, but less. With time on my hands (due to the housing and stock market), I'm concentrating now on two dimensional space, (painting). I'm looking for what makes me happy. Today, I decided for certain that watercolors are fun and have their use, but acrylics on sturdy framed stretched canvas supports with depth have the solid oomph I'm used to.

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