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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prostheses and Coleus, An Odd Coupling, An Odd Day

Yesterday was the first day I went out without my breast prostheses. The weather was in the nineties and just because we were going to lunch and it was Sunday and other diners would have on their best, I didn't feel like being burdened. The bra irritates the scar across my chest and the prostheses weigh me down. So I put on my Nike gym shorts, New Balance shirt, (a little see-through, but then there's nothing to see) and my Pumas. That was it. We were out the door. I was amazed how far I had come since last summer, since last week.

I've gone out before without, but I had always worn a jacket or vest or shirt on top of my tee to camouflage my situation. Yesterday, I went as I would had I never had a double mastectomy. The doing told me, I'd come through the storm. Letting loose onSummer Shade, which needs a new title now, undoubtedly helped.

In the morning, after painting Coleus Too, I went out into the yard and retook the photograph I used as the reference photo for that painting. The new photo wasn't nearly as menacing as the old--made me think I could paint that same composition again and would get a whole new perspective. Might be interesting, but enough is enough. Time heals--in just a year and a half with the help of one painting and a sudden fit of anger.

Cooled down, I turned a new leaf, a coleus leaf. I spent the afternoon processing the new coleus photos I also took hoping to find another for today's drawing and maybe two. (I've done coleus before; the painting and drawing you see on the side). I'm really liking the triptych format. And I thought Coleus would make another good subject; they are almost, but not quite as colorful as pastries, but just as much fun. I like the new painting I did this morning better than yesterday's (shown below on top). I used markers, but didn't wet them. The painting is more vibrant and cheerful. Lots of potential in those markers, a medium that's perfect for me--drawing being my strong suit, painting not as yet.

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