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Friday, August 27, 2010

Take Me Out to the Crowds


The Yankees versus Tampa Bay Rays. CC Sabathia versus James Shields. Everybody came out to the park to watch the two giants battle it out in their last game together in the series. The Stands Were Packed With Fans. And that's a good title for this drawing-of-the-day, which began with me spilling my hundred new markers all over the floor trying to get them out of the box. I figured I'd test the nibs as I put them back. There's no better subject for a hundred colors than the thousands of colorful fans at a sporting event.


"Out of chaos comes order." Whoever said it, it's true. After being brutally pushed around, this painting is coming alive. The texture that's building up is rough. The "black" I'm using isn't really black. (Pure black is against nearly all artists' rules including mine). This is a mix of black and burnt umbra--but it still black enough to be ominous. Some of it will change the more painting that goes on; some will remain. I have no idea what will follow; I'm painting intuitively.

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