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Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a Mess!

It was bound to happen sometime. This morning was that time.

I started out drawing spring wood one more time from reference photo one and I kept going and going and going until it was a total mess. I got so disgusted I yanked the paper out of the pad and ran it under running water chanting "Out, out damn spot I say," to no avail. So I ran my car over the thing to blot the excess water. Did I get carried away by the yellow? You bet. As soon as it's totally dry and tearable, (isn't that the appropriate word), I'll shred it.

Like great chefs say, 'you have to break a few eggs' on the way to gourmet. As we gals say, 'you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.' So it is with making art. A lot of paper gets trashed on the way to getting something decent. The artist can't be stingy.

Well, I am. Why let good paper and color go to waste? So I often shred failed attempts and reconfigure them--like the piece up top made the other day from a shredded pastel and the bristol board I used to get just the right amount of paint on my brush for Linda's Closet. (I decided to change the name of my pentyck to the factual truth--the multiple piece painting is a portrait of sorts). I find the sculptural effect and interrupted colors,images and lines--well, sculptural. And I like sculpture. Drawing Spring Wood #3, once doctored just might get juried into my new Trash Paper Sculpture Series?

I still needed a win to make myself feel better about abusing the drawing. So I took a baby step with Mother and Daughter. After shortening up the flower box with white-out,I divided the study into a grid and did the same on the canvas board. (I use the grid system for enlarging drawings rather than transfer paper). Now, the real drawing begins; it's labor intensive--no sketchy lines allowed. It's a fine looking grid don't you think?

With my small success, I'm off to the garden to cut down the g-d most awful looking bush I let my landscaper pan off on me last year. This is the morning for it. It's taking over the world out there bullying the butterfly bush and the hydrangea, and I can't stand it any more. With destruction being my style of the day, my machete is the tool.

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