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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Birds

Two birds pointed out I've made a huge mistake with Mom and Teenager maybe a couple of them? I decided to use canvas board instead of the stretched canvas I've used my whole life. And I'm using a water soluble marker instead of pencil to do the cartoon drawing. I do not want to use fixative; fixative causes thin first layers of acrylic to bead. And I like keeping the chemistry of a painting simple.

I don't know what I was thinking. I don't think I was thinking at all. I should have remembered that the drawing paper I've been using with the markers has tooth and that's why the water based markers wouldn't entirely erase when wetted and wiped. Errors always remained a ghost on the paper. That ghost drawing is what I'm after. It didn't happen yesterday. These birds flew the coop leaving the board whistle clean.

As I write, a gessoed canvas board is drying in the studio. I'll try again. If today's experiment fails, back to stretched canvas...better try the marker on one of those too. No matter what happens, I have to begin M & T all over again. Very disheartening. Senility would pop to mind if I wasn't so good at Suduko.

And if I have to gesso every one of the canvas boards I bought out of curiosity sparked by so many net artists using them, (lighter weight, they're cheaper to ship; standard sized and thin, they fit in padded envelopes). That's enough advance prep time to prompt trying birch panels as well, if I continue to be interested in the internet business of art.

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