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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T & T In Progress

I finally got back to up scaling T & T. I proceeded a bit faster than I should have and have errors to correct.

I really do have to curb my impatience and tendency to cram too much into a day. By the time I got round to the drawing, I was in a hurry. These transfers can't be rushed. I was also cold. The AC was necessary for Honey's comfort upstairs; down in the basement, I needed a parka.

I'm not actually doing this on the easel. I'm doing it at my bar...otherwise known as gift wrapping station...otherwise known as framing station...otherwise known as the buffet table...and now in use as drawing table. When rescaling a drawing, I like to work flat and up close. the process is more drafting than drawing. My errors occurred when I forgot that in my rush to get somewhere with this figure,go upstairs and warm up.

No harm done. I'm using watercolor marker. It's removable. In the back of my mind, is the question, how much? All? Or is there a faint remnant that's strong enough to still serve as guide lines for the painting? I don't want the color of the guide lines tainting the colors of the water based paint when I get to that part of the process. A test is in order,something to do for tomorrow's drawing of the day. Two birds.

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