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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paint Sports

Rather than test out paint supports to see how washable washable markers are, I'd rather do an hour on the elliptical trainer sweating off those obnoxiously stubborn five pounds. Before hitting the studio for possible failure, I ordered a stretched canvas appropriately sized for Mom and Teenager. Stick with what you know, I thought. Plus: On the one and a half inch deep support, my daughter in-law and son won't have to have the painting framed should they like it and choose not to hide it in the attic.

This drawing was done on primed stretched canvas, the support I've used my whole life. I used the water soluble marker I've been using for M & T. And I observed that the longer the drawing marks set, the more solid the lines, the more permanent they were when I wet them again and wiped. It was like stains on your favorite tee: the longer a stain sits, the more likely it going to be with you forever. This was a laundry problem. (I have half a mind to rinse the canvas one more time to see what happens after it's been siting over twelve hours, but how long am I going on with this)?

I didn't bother to try the canvas board panels I gessoed. I bought those specifically to use for Drawing-of-the-Day instead of drawing paper. Should I decide to sell the drawings I do daily, (they do tend to pile up), the boards are made acid free for "archive work", yet cheap and light weight. They require no matting, are easy to pack and inexpensive to mail--perfect for net sales.

Have a lovely weekend a bit early. Mine is going to kickoff tonight with the first of many activities planned with dear friends.

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