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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Ball Playing in the House


With Honey happily printing to his heart's content, (applause, applause Linda for your determination, persistence and patience), I went to the studio where I laid in more of the underpainting for units four (top) and five(bottom) of Out of the Closet. I didn't get to the blue as I had hoped-- nor the white; the red took too long to dry. I could have put it outside in my ninety three degrees and sunny yard, but this foot doesn't cross the threshold under those conditions unless the sun is just coming up or just going down.

Today the heat wave is supposed to break. Today, I don't have to go out in the noon day sun, unless I want to quick-dry blue and white; I've been set free from physical therapy. I was just too impressive at my last session balancing on my bad leg while throwing and catching the nerf-like ball off a rebound backboard. I loved balance exercises and really loved this one. --So I tried throwing the ball while standing on one leg at a wall at home. It was going well, until Honey stomped upstairs and told me there's no ball playing in the house. The thumping was driving him nuts. They say we marry our mothers...

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