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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Best Wine Ever:Last Night's Double Shot

I am currently sitting here installing Honey's printer, after having uninstalled it as the malfunctioning printer said to do. No art is getting made. I would like to be down in the studio this morning, painting edges and Out of the Closet, but instead I sit here watching bars fill up and then more bars appear. I've got 94% installation as I write--but I'm only in step three of four. And the morning is passing quickly. What a bore. And it's too early to drink. --And I'm not even sure that this action will fix his problem?

All Honey did to the machine yesterday was install a couple of new color cartridges and unplug and replug the device to turn it on--which HP said in the manual was a very bad thing to do. But our on off button doesn't work all that well. Oh it turns off okay, but not on. So plug/unplug. After HP's reprimand, an ink cartridge error appeared. And I became chained to his desk. Manuals and help centers were consulted. Hours were spent looking for a HP tech help phone number to find only live online chat support. Well by then the support I really needed was a vase of wine--or two. My shoulders ached from being hunched over this thing.

And so it goes on. I'm mostly installed and here it is only two and a half anxious hours later. Why isn't Honey going through this agony? Cause I'm his in-house, push over for him computer geek, who really only knows that broken is broken and another click couldn't make matters any worse, only better.

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