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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Unit Five OOTC, still in progress, and a mixed bag of exercise, MBX in my journal, was my day yesterday.

Unit Five needs greens, magenta, glazes and more details, which are a bit tedious due to the dry time required. But over the weekend one stroke at a time. I think this painting with its duo themes of multiplicity and repetition should be finished by the end of next week.

Though sent home by physical therapy, I decided to carry on their good work. first day on my own,waiting for paint to dry, I added a few exercises I dropped along with cardio when my knee became an issue--upper body resistance stuff--push ups and such. They weren't easy after six months off. Twelve on my knees was all I could muster, but GE and my knees could take it.As Martha would say,"That's a good thing."

I also added the nails to the wall for units four and five. Hung together, five units will be plenty for a space of this height--eighty two inches if I remember correctly?
The photo is foggy, because what I didn't do yesterday was recharge the camera. Even blurry, you get the idea.

Off to see a master bath this morning. The homeowners want a "Zen-like" atmosphere.I brushed up on my Feng Shuii last night.

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