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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Shade Makes Me Feel Fine


Honey wanted to know what happened to Summer Shade. It was missing from my works-in-progress wall. I told him it was on my easel in progress. I made a decision to go darker--closer to the scene I photographed last summer when I was recovering from radiation therapy, a pretty dark time, (oxymoron, LOL). In its place on the wall, I hung Honey. He really hates that portrait. He thinks he looks old. We are old,I told him, after all,we are over forty.

I visited a clever blog yesterday by a gal who's over forty and worried about age--I could tell by the photograph of her; it was over the top. Don't get me wrong, she looked terrific, but for one thing: her fur wrap was worn so low half her boobs were exposed--enough where I thought she wasn't a fashion model as she said in About Me, but in some other aspect of that business? As I write, it makes this sixty something year old really laugh out loud at the need of people in their prime decade to feel they have to prove they're still "with it." I wonder why would they want to be "with it" back in their thirties busy securing and climbing the ladder when they were finally at the top of their game? Healthy. Exuberant. Lookin' good. Turning heads. Been around the block enough to know wha'zup. Into Pilate's and Yoga and running marathons. Stilleto sandles and skimmpy dresses. Disposable income. Kids out of diapers (or should be), driving to their own soccer games and picking up the pizza on their way home. The forties are the best--but for one small thing. you can't eat broccoli in public. It gets caught in your teeth and your pals don't say a word. They're not fifty yet.

Such fascinating thoughts while painting, I forgot to turn on BB. Meanwhile, UPS delivered the canvases for Pentyck, but I'm going to finish Summer Shade first,(so Honey can get off the wall), and paint the edges of the three completed units. If I don't do that now, they'll never be finished.

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