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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bigger is Better


Yesterday's puny, pathetic 3" x5" colored pencil drawing and today's much improved 5 1/2" x 8" wet marker drawing placed next to one another says bigger is better for me--as is a more fluid medium. This morning's drawing pointed out that it's the leaves of the plant that fascinate me, not the flowers.

IN THE STUDIO:Nothing much is happening with the multi-unit painting; I haven't received the canvases from Dick Blick yet. But I did get a very nice tackle box, (what we used to tote art supplies in the olden days). The shipping labels had been switched. Someone in New York got my canvases; I got his paint box. Dick Blick said, "Keep it." It wasn't worth the shipping cost to send it back. I'm going to use it as a tool box; our tools are scattered all over the house and we can never find the phillips screw driver or that little wrench if I take the time for that project.

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