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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rhythm and Blues

The photographs, of my wardrobe of toppers hanging in my closet, are arranged as I might arrange the triptych panels I've gotten myself into. The panels could also be arranged butted together in a straight line--which may have more visual impact. Ninety inches of color rhythms strung together would look fantastic in my foyer between the front entrance and the great room--a decorative directional leading my many visitors of cable guys, carpet and upholstery cleaners and window washers to their job site.

But I've leaped ahead. First, they must be painted. Panel #1, below the photograph, is coming along. I'm dickering a bit with what finish--smooth or textured. If I leave it smooth, I might just as well do a collage of cut-outs, ala Matisse. If I decide texture, I'll have to go into the play of light and shadows and broken colors--really more my style. Next few days will tell.

As for Summer Woods, I was told by my housekeeper that it's done; looks great; leave it alone. But her handsome, eighteen years young son had a different opinion. He would like it better if it was darker--more ominous. Funny he said that. I pulled out the photo I used as the kick off. It was pretty blue--and so was I when I took it in 2009 while recovering from radiation burns. Now,the painting says I've got my happy face on; for now, that cancer is just a memory.

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