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Friday, June 4, 2010

A Great Haircut

This was as far as I got with panel number one of the triptych I'm planning. It was a lame start. I actually thought I could finish it in a day. The panel isn't that big, only thirty inches by ten. And the painting is about simple shapes, clean colors, and the contrasts between thick and thin, vertical and horizontal, hard and soft edge--not a whole lot of drawing going on or a play of light and shadow, hue and shade. Boring topics after Roger's job dilemma, but when the three panels are finished and grouped together either in one continuous horizontal line ninety inches long or stacked vertically with six inches of separation to measure thirty by forty two, I think the painting will be exciting--at least I hope so. If not: off to Goodwill. But a solid, successful day of painting wasn't going to happen. There were too many people around. And a lot of commotion and upheaval not conducive to creativity--even with BB King singing in the background.

I called it a day even though it was only two thirty in the afternoon. The roofers were still bombing my garden with debris and hammering on my head. I had to police the area, protect my homestead from the Philistines. I set myself up on the deck and took the opportunity to replant the flower boxes I had entrusted to my landscaper never dreaming he didn't have a clue. It was hot and humid and I was hot and dirty and worried about tracking it through the house, my housekeepers had just vacuumed. I said the hell with it. I left my garden shoes and gloves at the door, went in, poured myself a stiff Arnie Palmer (more lemonade than tea), loaded it with ice, sat down and promptly screwed up my suduko puzzle. Frustrated, I folded my hands in my lap, closed my eyes and prayed for an electrical storm--with lots of thunder and lightening to chase the barbarians from my gates.

My power nap didn't last long. Honey walked in and just stood staring. He looked pale and beat. I asked, "What's wrong?"

"The stock market was a disaster today."

The way he said it,I didn't have to ask how bad. I changed the subject. "I got a great haircut this morning with no fresh-haircut-fuzzies. Looks good don't you think?"

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