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Monday, June 7, 2010


Lowes to find mixed coleus and a couple of ferns. We were going to plant the patio pot. We were going to power wash roofer grit gone. We were going to move the furniture out. We were going to cut down the battered hydrangea, weweregoingto do a lot of things this last weekend, but…
A friend came to call. We sat and chatted and laughed and chatted. We talked Jim Joyce's botched call and gave Galarraga his due. We talked oil spill, BP and government; I was sympathetic being the event was a first-time thing, then took it back after being filled in. We talked Mackinac Policy Conference on the challenges facing Michigan and Michigan’s Republican Governor next November. Honey surfed the Riviera Maya. I painted. We dined with friends. We closed the joint. We got up Sunday, it was a groundhog day--except something was different. It was raining; no patio work today. We werenotgoingto. We said nextweekendforsure and went to lunch. I started Blockade Billy. I painted...

dancing to B.B. (Odd how my knee doesn't bother me when I'm dancing and painting. Joy brings joy). Panel #1 of triptych is done for the time being. I like it. It has a nice African feel. Next weekend, if I can fit it in to our schedule, I'm on to panel #2. There will be five of them, hung horizontally, spaced five inches apart. The total "ladder" will measure thirty inches wide by seventy inches high. (Height measurement is based on a standard ninety six inch ceiling height with fourteen inches plus or minus clear on the top and bottom--did I tell you I'm a downtotheinch space planning fanatic, and the Big Bang Theory is a favorite)?

Did I tell you: my Japanese Dogwood is knocking on the kitchen window--a future aggravation. But wearenotgoingto do a thing about it, just sit back and enjoy.

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