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Monday, June 14, 2010

Miss Bloggin' in The Drawing Room

After planting the flat of marigolds, uncrimping a belligerent hose that gave me no water pressure whatsoever, meeting with the cement guy over our sinking patio, sending a number of e-mails to the condo management company about replacing the siding that just crumbled in our carpenter's hands, and going to physical therapy, the only drawing that got done yesterday was Rita's master bath and walk-in closet. And that wasn't fun. I didn't get anything worth showing the client till seven thirty PM, leaving me no time for my blog art, the fun stuff.

I'm not sure how serious this woman is about doing this job; she kept using the word "resale" in a state where most every home that's selling is a foreclosure. But I carved her a closet with twenty four feet of hanging, a make-up station, plenty of shelves for shoes, tees and sweaters and a shower big enough to take a seat to shave her legs. It only cost her the small whirlpool tub, which everybody should know by now is a two times a year item better placed the family bath where the high school jock can jacuzzi out football aches and pains. Today, I'll pretty the drawing up and pass it on to Honey for the financial truth of the project. We'll meet with the lady. We'll see?

If you look closely at the conceptual drawings, (by double left clicking on it), you'll see the "As built" on top of the new space plan. The new space plan splits the twelve by eleven five foot space relatively evenly; the "as built" space gives bigger bathroom, but nothing in the way of closet space--currently these homeowners have their clothes stored all over the house, which makes dressing in the AM a search and find affair. Their day starts off stressful without the added tzurous of crumbled siding and sinking patios.

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