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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Gaillardia, A Closet and An Over Sized Plate

Before anything unexpected messed up my usual morning schedule, I took my cup of coffee down to the studio and painted a gaillardia I plucked from the garden on the way. The painting came out fine except for the photo; I had a hell of a time getting the colors reproduced as they really are. (What you see here still isn't right; there's as much strong yellow on the left as there is on the right, but yet it looks faded out). Another problem for another day. I went up to my office and polished up Rita's preliminary floor plan till lunch. If Rita goes ahead with the project, every morning of her life will be as enjoyable as the one I had: tranquil, orderly, everything where it ought to be,no running around and no time wasted. No space wasted either.Note I used cabinetry instead of walls to grab every inch.


While finishing my Arnie Palmer, I surfed the net to find a heavy duty plate hanger for the Mexican Talavera pottery plate I bought from the Mexican Connexion on line that turned out to be much too big, but muy linda. The best I could do were the plate hangers at Amazon. They had one that could handle a plate with a diameter up to 30", (mine is only 18 1/2"), but Amazon didn't say how heavy a plate the hanger could take. (My plate weighs a whopping eight pounds; 6.5 lb. was the heaviest weight mentioned). So I ordered nothing--and the plate sits on the ottoman in Honey's office annoying him.
He still can't believe I actually did replace the plate he knocked off the wall while we were scuffling to squash the wasp that was threatening our happy home. He also can't believe how much I missed the mark. The broken plate was a normal size;this one's above and beyond gigantic--a platter for a 16 lb. turkey--a tray if you could lift it--or a possible table top for the patio...

If anybody knows something...

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