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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Climbing Up The Marigolds

Marigolds as a deterrent for chipmunks seemed kinder than borrowing my grandson's Uzi, (though will do nothing to control their population). So we bought a flat. I cut a few blossoms along with a couple of gaillardia for my little bud vases on the mantel, then quickly sketched an arrangement. It came out poorly; the marigold is an intricate flower and my heart wasn't into the kind of concentration that intricacy demands. the flower smells horrible, which suggests chipmunks have a sophisticated olfactory nerves, but is quite beautiful when looked at closely--worthy of a graphite rendition.

Dissatisfied with my drawing efforts, I played around with effects in Jasc. These photos are the results of my morning. Top to Bottom: From my mantel, to the actual, untouched drawing of the flowers in the vase, to a couple of cropped, doctored, blow ups. The last one would make a great large painting--maybe better than coleus? The one above it is sized 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", (I'm fascinated with that blogger's miniatures that are the size of playing cards).

I'm sorry the photos are a bit blurry; my camera is screaming,"It's time to recharge." And I will--while I go plant the marigolds in Alvin and Theodore's favorite spots. Thanks Chrissy. I think an Uzi would have been frowned upon by my neighbors.

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