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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Off Line and Out of Sorts

I've been off line and out of sorts for three days. It wasn't our modem. It wasn't our wireless connection. It was our hook up--the wire that runs under two lawns and three driveways to get to the box. Between Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon: Our provider called Miss Diggs. Miss Digs staked the utilities. Miller Communications called Mark Osbourne and Mark came and said the ground was dry enough to lay the wire. Honey and I went to lunch. When we came back, we were thrilled to be back in business.
Being computerless was like quiting smoking, we had to fill our time doing something else.

The first day, I cried over over grown onions in my pantry, but used them in the spaghetti sauce anyway.

The second day, Honey and I went big buck marketing. We hadn't been for months (too busy surfing, too busy blogging). We bought our first sweet corn of the season. I don't usually get it packaged, but I was too upset to husk it myself.

The third day, we worked in the garden. We cleaned out the garage, hooked up the hoses and watered the shrubs we had had transplanted. I painted our birdbath outside in the sunshine standing up the whole time.

Yesterday morning, sitting on the front steps waiting for Mark Osbourne while my watch ticked away hours, I needed something else to do. What's more distracting and satisfying than shopping? I went to the art supply store and bought watercolour blocks and pads and paints. When I got home, Mark had called; He was on his way. Two hours later, we were up and running. Our Google pages were beautiful to behold. They had YouTube and the weather and the latest in the news. The ordeal was over; we were no longer cut off from the rest of the world. I painted Daisies with my new stuff to celebrate.

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