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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back in The Remodeling Saddle

Above is an exterior view of the space I am working with. The bay windows, not being parallel with one another, is just one factor that is presenting a challenge; the other factors are inside and have to do with the original design. I think the original architect was inferior, (the builder or clients hired cheap), or the original owners drove him crazy with last minute, whimsical changes while the house was being built.

After months of not drawing any conceptual drawings, I drew a lot of them yesterday. It was great to be back in the saddle again. When every homeowner around here is sitting tight and doing no home remodeling whatsoever, my client thinks her home should make her happy. And she's not happy with her master suite the way it is and doesn't think anyone else would be either when the real estate market recovers should they decide to sell the place. She wants to live in her home in the moment.

In twenty plus years in business, remodeling to improve the real estate value of a home was always a secondary reason--maybe a tertiary reason? No one I ever worked for had plans to put their house up for sale as soon as our final cleaning service pulled out of the driveway. While clients wanted reassurance that the money they were spending on their project was going to add to the value of their homes, the real reason they called us in was: they wanted their living spaces to function better for their lifestyles and look great. They all wanted to walk into their new kitchen or bath or addition and qvell, feel thrilled by the results and anxious to enjoy their new space.

These drawings are preliminary studies of my client's space based upon her wishes. I'm happiest with the layout with the large walk in closet for her with its forty four linear feet of hanging and a center island, (top illustration). But I'm going to poke it a few more times and review the other plans I did before giving my final analyse and recommendations.

While not much to look at, the drawings are every bit as much fun as my art for art sake. They're spacial puzzles to be solved. Thinking, calculating, analyzing and being judgemental are required. Knowing how folks move through space and use space comfortably and safely is always on my mind. And I love the challenge of making people happy in their homes. I really wish the banks and the government and then again the banks didn't screw up the construction/real estate industries with their lending shenanigans and felt the same.

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