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Monday, April 5, 2010

While Sunning Myself on my Front Porch...

My thoughts turned to gardening:

There's a Japanese Dogwood in the atrium entrance to our condo. It has no place being there. It's too big--in fact all of the trees and bushes in my entrance garden are too big for the space eleven years after we moved in. I need to redesign.

The condo was a model, so the builder overdid the landscaping to give it immediate "curb appeal." But now we're stuck forever pruning so folks can make their way up the walk-to the front door--in particular the meter reader who has to duck behind a robust blue globe spruce, home to a flock of Alfred Hitchcock birds, to do her job.

I'd love to tear it all out. Resurface the walk and the atrium with pavers and put in a container garden with perhaps one or two compact specimen trees, a small fountain,(our laundry room is right there; easy access to plumbing), and a bench, ala "Nottinghill". Our gardening life would be so much easier--and sunning myself much more pleasant,(the bench would be big enough to stretch out and have cushions for comfort). My half hour is up; I'm getting a nice glow.

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