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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Day for Celebrating, Not Painting

It was a great day for celebrating, not such a great day for art.

I spent the morning in my studio contemplating My Backyard in Summer, (the working title); and I had no idea why I wanted to paint this painting in the first place or how I'm going to proceed? I sparred a bit. Colored a bit. Removed a bit. Noticed my drawing needed correction, but didn't feel like taking the time. I was preoccupied with meeting my kids for lunch, a rare treat. Hooray for special occasions and holidays!

Honey and I went a bit early for a glass of wine. When we walked in, the bartender presented us with a bouquet of flowers in honor of our anniversary. She blew my mind. I had mentioned last week that we had a milestone coming up and were planning on celebrating it there with the family, but I didn't expect her to remember. We were really touched by her kindness. Then our son walked in with his family and the chatter never stopped.

Everyone was excited about their upcoming trips, hot weather and how sad it was we weren't going together. They're leaving for Mexico tomorrow for spring break. We're leaving next week because the breakers will have gone home. There will be fewer children in the pool. And the airlines and hotels prices drop to reasonable. But we also talked about rebuilding computers and colleges, how little you had to pack to go bask in the sun and what will we do the end of the year when our son turns fifty and I turn seventy seventeen days later? Both milestone events are so close together, we should celebrate them together--in the sun of course.

(As I just looked at "Backyard" in the preview, I saw something poetic about those woods. It had to do with deep shadows in the foreground, present, and bright light in the background, future. The woods and the clearing beyond may be symbolic? Winter Lake was a painting of woods with a clearing beyond...Heavy. I'll think about it tomorrow).

This morning, I took my coffee down to the studio for a closer look. I sort of liked the watercolour effects, the blurriness of it. I'll give it the three day rest test.

A new name for this blog also occurred to me: Drawing-of-the-day: The Chronicles of a Painter. Drawing daily is how you get back on the bike, but painting is where I'm headed. Any thoughts?

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