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Friday, April 2, 2010

My Knee and Fran

All I could think about yesterday was my knee. The MRI report wasn't good--water, possible cyst, damage to patella and inner knee, degenerative arthritis, torn meniscus. You name it. So much for my baseball career.

I was so absorbed by the knee that I dug out my anatomy drawings to see how thorough I had been in labeling all of the parts and perhaps understand the MRI report a bit better. Didn't happen. But I was impressed with my drawings and got a laugh when a cartoon I did of a woman I used to work with fell out from between the pages. I sure didn't care for her very much and the drawing said so clearly--she was overly flamboyant and so blind to the excesses she insisted upon that eventually did the company in. She drove me mad.

Art is such a wonderful release. I'll worry about my knee later--after I hear the orthopedic guy's evaluation. Till then I'll bike, swim, ice, and bitch.

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