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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer Colors

A sketch considering the colors in my backyard in summer.

I originally photographed this scene because I was drawn to the blue and reddish colors in the deep shade and the pale pink, yellow and green pastels in the background. I pushed the colors using my markers in this sketch and discovered the compositional pattern. Then I thought I had gone too far. the colors were perhaps too brilliant? so I investigated softening them with a white colored pencil quickly applied, which looks peculiar, but let me see how the colors would look lightened up.

What also appealed to me when I took that photograph was the high contrast between the deep shade foreground and the very pale background. Having been nearsighted my whole life, high contrast has always been attractive--but not in this case. I think I'm going to keep the big painting light. The contrast will be between pale cool and pale warm colors. I want to capture the morning haze of what was going to be a hot summer day--a series of lots of washes and lifts awaits me.

Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter and don't eat the bunny's ears. I would if I had a bunny, but all I've got is Honey who likes his ears nibbled, but not while we're celebrating our fiftieth all weekend long with friends and family. Perhaps on our day Monday, April 5th he'll get lucky. I can hardly believe that two dumb kids nineteen and twenty two managed to love, honor and cherish each other through five decades of life's joys and disappointments and accomplishments and frustrations. Maybe we just knew a good thing when we saw it and held on for dear life? You bet.I'm so glad Honey said yes. Happy anniversary you very smart guy.

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